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Medical Device Connectivity:
Many Configurations, One Easy Solution

If all the medical devices in your biomedical network were exactly the same, linking them to the EMR would be straightforward. But, like the patients you serve, your hospital’s patient care data-generating devices and systems are diverse and ever changing.

This is where iSirona shines. Our flexible software, developed in accordance with the FDA's quality system regulation controls, quickly and accurately moves device data into your EMR. Better yet, it does so by adapting to your hospital’s unique patient care devices and runs on the hardware and network infrastructure you already have.

How Does It Work?

With DeviceConX software installed on a server, you’ve taken the first step toward achieving medical device connectivity—from any device to any CIS. Then, based on the device, clinical setting and your existing technology assets, our software is configured to move data from the device to the patient record within the EMR. Consider these four scenarios:

Proprietary Gateways & Networks

Many medical devices, such as networked monitors or infusion pumps connected via manufacturer-provided gateways, can communicate with your EMR. However, consider how many devices within your hospital are without that capability. Also, consider the inconsistencies in how the data appears across devices and device manufacturers. With DeviceConX you gain the ability to connect standalone devices, normalize data so that it is consistent across the EMR and authenticate data prior to delivering it to the EMR.

Mobile Devices with Hardware

Wherever you have devices already connected to existing hardware, such as an anesthesia cart, the iSirona implementation is simple. Our software provides connectivity using any PC platform you choose, including thin client workstations or workstations-on-wheels. Simply download our software and instantly gain the ability to send data to the EMR.

Mobile Devices without Hardware

Not all devices come equipped with the hardware required for connectivity to your EMR. Where this is the case, small fanless PCs provide hospitals with an affordable option. Simply mount the PC on the device, download our software and connectivity is achieved.

PCs in the Room

In some departments, you may already have PCs in patient rooms. In this case, our software simply runs on that PC, which is then connected to one or more devices—those that are permanently in the room and those brought in as needed.

Any EMR, Any Time

iSirona proudly integrates with the following providers:


AllscriptsEpic Siemens


Not seeing your EMR? No problem. We also integrate with many other vendors, including MEDITECH, HMS and CPSI. Contact us today to learn how quickly our software adapts to any CIS, any EMR.

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